Christyl Cusworth Paintings Conservator LLC

Sculptural Pieces

This painted wood Antique sculpture of the Arch Angel Michael had been broken in more than one piece.


This sculptural piece by artist Marjorie Strider had been poorly stored and suffered much abuse over the past 30 years. Originally sculpted from Epoxy and mixed media and painted in Oil. This piece was badly broken and previously poorly repaired many times.  In collaboration with Marjorie Strider the broken areas were repaired and retouched as originally intended.




This 3D painting by Marjorie Strider originally done in Epoxy on Masonite panel, was badly warped. As a result the piece was cracked and broken. A new grid was applied to the verso to remove the warping and provide new structural integrity to the piece.  The surface damages were repaired.


This piece “Stand” by  Artist Ron Gorchov broken and repaired in many places.   In collaboration with Ron Gorchov structural changes were made to prevent future repetitive failures that did not alter the aesthetic of the piece. Some structural pieces had to be completely replaced.



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